About Us

At Toothville Family Dental Care, we are equipped to cater to all the aspects of Dentistry, for adults and children alike. Building a relationship with our patients, garnering their trust and gaining their confidence is always the priority of our Dental team.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have strived to provide the best of the facilities and best of the dental care, from our expertised dentists, to ensure that our clients have all the solutions with comfort, in one place!

Cosmetic dentistry at Toothville is what we enforce, to make sure that your smile is your best asset and it keeps you confident always.

Our Centre

Here you will receive world class dental care designed to provide complete support to your smile. This centre is equipped with all the amenities of a good modern dental centre, operated by professionals. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to ensure that our patients receive service of the highest quality in a congenial environment.

Treatment Philosophy

We believe in preserving what nature has provided. Our treatment objective is always to try to save your existing teeth. We use minimally invasive techniques and avoid surgical intervention unless absolutely necessary. We believe in preventive dental care which, in long run, gives you better dental health at a lower cost.